And we’re back! We can taste that fresh 2014 air…and it is frickin’ freezing.

For those of you who aren’t local, we produce our little comic from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the northernmost major city in the country. It gets cold here in January, most of the weekend hovered around the -30ºC mark, but the wind made it feel like -50 kerbillion. Boy was it cold.

“How cold was it?”

It was so cold Mr. Freeze sent a sympathy card.

It was so cold Edmonton became a hot vacation spot for polar bears.

It was so cold Apple filmed another commercial titled “Misunder-FUCK it’s cold!”

(feel free to play along in the comments)

Next week will be a milestone for Inglorious Hipsters, it will be our 100th comic! Hard to fathom we’ve made a hundred of these already considering we only post once a week.

So come back next week for our centennial…Hmm? That’s not what that means? Fuck.