Today’s Dead-Beef is the last in the ball hockey series of comics. Next up for Jason, Clarence and Faro are some of my favourite Dead-Beef comics we wrote as karma catches up with the trio.

Dead-Beef: The More You Know

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You may have noticed we have yet to post a new podcast this month. We had some scheduling problems due to my sudden illness, so to make up for it we’ll be recording two podcasts in March.

If you’re feeling sad and lonely without our lyrical voices to add cheer and wonderment to your February, you can check out the latest episode of The Unknown Studio because Adam and Scott had nearly all of us Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast regulars (Erin, Mark and myself) on the show to talk about the 2014 Oscars! Thanks again to Adam and Scott for having us on the show, always a great time hanging out with those cats.