The Titan’s are falling! The Titan’s are falling!


Captain gave us orders to just stand here and look cool. Keep up the good work men!

If that line is any indication my entire weekend has been spent basically playing Titanfall non-stop. Well, not non-stop, I suppose. I also downloaded Killer Instinct, the new riff on the old 90s combo crazy classic fighter, and spent time getting destroyed online at that.

I miss the nineties, speaking of, back when I was good at video games. Today’s games require a level of hand-eye coordination old games just did not prepare me for. Yes kids, when I was growing up there were only two button! And we were lucky to have ’em! Sometimes we’d walk 12 miles in minus forty weather just to play something we called “arcade” games. You had to pay EVERY TIME YOU PLAYED!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear some loud music I hate.