It has been a busy couple weeks around the ole’ IH headquarters. We’ve been busy making comics, recording podcasts, booking new podcast guests and setting up interviews. At some point Jeremy and I will also need to discuss how we’re going to wrap up the current How-I-Met-Your-Mother-esque story arc. There’s a rough outline for it, just needs to be fleshed out.

On top of all that this week we learned we were nominated once again for a Yeggie Social Media Award! We can’t thank Edmonton enough for giving us the nod again. I was absolutely shocked to win last year and would be incredibly shocked if we managed to win this year. There’s a lot of hard working, deserving folks in the Humour category this year, so we’re happy just to be sitting among them. For my money the award should go to either fellow local comic strip End of the Earth or The Pub Radio’s Adam McGale. Adam wrote 12 podcast episodes all at 30 minutes a piece! That is a crazy amount of work and definitely deserving of recognition.

Also huge congrats to all our buddies who were also nominated including Jeff and Sally for the short film Startups; Jay Runham for the Jay Runham Show, Colin for The Long John Index and our newest pals Janelle and Terah for I Dig Your Girlfriend.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the award show, which I believe goes in May?

Now here’s your weekly Dead-Beef. See you Monday!

Dead-Beef: Lucky Your Father Isn't Here

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