Dead-Beef: The Raid

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I probably shouldn’t be as excited as I am to share this comic, considering we made it over 10 years ago, but this strip starts a series in the ole’ Dead-Beef archive that are undoubtedly my favourite in the comic’s brief run. I hope you enjoy these upcoming DB comics as much as I do.

Last week my parents met Erin’s parents (cue the ooo’s and aww’s about what a “big step” that is). We took them to a place called Three Boars Eatery, an amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant here in the Arctic…I mean, Edmonton. Neither Erin nor myself had been there before, so we arrived at this gorgeous, wood finished, two level restaurant replete with rustic and modern appeal not knowing what to expect.

Now I consider myself somewhat of a hipsters in-so-far-as I like lots of indie music, enjoy a good latte and often wear a cardigan. Three Boars is a so mind bendingly hipster I felt uncomfortable at first. Every cook had the exact same long red beard featuring a waxed mustache and wore some manner of thin t-shirt, possibly v-neck, I don’t remember. Nearly every woman, customer or server, sported a half shaved haircut and a tattoo of kind of bird.  Actually, our server had a Triforce tattoo as well, to give nerd cred where nerd cred is due.

I said I was uncomfortable at first, but it didn’t last long. The staff was extraordinarily nice and very patient as we tried to figure out how the menu worked. The charm of the decor also won be over pretty quick. Did they pull those light fixtures from an abandoned mine or something? Amazing!

Anyway, if you live in Edmonton I definitely recommend you check it out, but don’t fill up on roasted cashews, cause there’s plenty of amazing food to try. Hats off to the cooks.