I’ve had my Xbox One for a couple weeks now and while the voice commands are a cool feature – and do tend to work better than say, Google Now – some commands are more responsive than others.

For example, the command to shut the console off works great. I say “Xbox turn off” and it prompts me with a polite “are you sure you want to turn the system off?” and I say “yes” and the Xbox turns off. Works every time.

However, for some reason saying “Xbox play disc” when I’m trying to watch Game of Thrones instead launches the music app. While that would provide audible entertainment for my ears I’m really looking for the audio and video combination provided on my Blu-ray.

However, voice command errors notwithstanding, I’m fairly impressed with the Xbox One OS. It’s slick, intuitive (very strange for a Microsoft product) and feels light years ahead of the PS4. Xbox One also has games I want to play, which has left the PS4 collecting dust.

Please note: I’m not saying this to start some kind of console war thread in the comments, please don’t do that. I’m sure the PS4 will have its time in the sun at some point. But right now, Xbox One is better. Sorry Sony fanboys.