Dead-Beef: Tooth Fairy

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Hey, looks like Edmonton’s 15 months of winter are finally over! Signs I know spring is officially here:

  1. The Oilers didn’t make the playoffs.
  2. Streets and sidewalks are dirty as fuck.
  3. Proximity to a storm drain means I smell poop.
  4. There’s evidence of inconsiderate dog owners everywhere.
  5. Figuring out how warm to dress is like playing a slot machine.
  6. My car is full of the last 7 month’s worth of trash.
  7. That cat wants outside constantly.
  8. My Facebook is full of photos of people pretending to be excited about going for a run (just kidding, that’s all year round).
  9. and Game of Thrones is back!

Tonight the wonderful Mr. Adam Rozenhart will be recording a podcast with us that you’ll be able to listen to next Wednesday. A couple months ago Adam was interviewing the mayor of Edmonton, Don Iveson, now he’s on our podcast…how the mighty have fallen.