The big new media award show weekend has come and gone and the second annual Yeggies is in the books with The One Word, Go! Show taking top honours in humour. Well deserved win for a group of very funny podcasters.

I told Jeremy if we didn’t win again this year we’re quitting. So that’s it guys, we’re the sorest of losers, so no more Inglorious Hipsters.

Big thanks to Adam Rozenhart and the entire Yeggies crew for putting on an amazing show. Edmonton is home to a fantastic collection of really friendly creative folks and it was great to hang out with the likes of Janelle Aker, Terah Jans, Jay Runham, Brittney LeBlanc, Mack D. Male, Ryan Byrne, Adam McGale, Chad Huculak, Joshua Lee Coss, Robyn Slack, Mat Torchia and many more. Also Trent Wilkie is a comedy robot from the future sent here to assault our funny bones with deadpan after deadpan after deadpan.

Finally, our most sincerest of thank-yous to whoever nominated our strip for the Yeggie this year. Thanks so much for thinking so highly of our dumb little comic, we really appreciate and it drives us keep on going.

Speaking of keeping on going, let’s talk about our up coming summer break.

Season 3 of the comic is winding down, and we’ll be taking a couple month off in the summer as has become tradition. We’re not certain when the break will start, as soon as we finish this insanely long story arc, I guess. Sometime in June or July, maybe.