Huge, huge, huge exciting week here at Inglorious Hipsters HQ! For starters this Friday is the Yeggies New Media awards which,  if you aren’t already painfully aware ’cause we keep talking about it, we are nominated for Best in Humour. There are still tickets available if you’d like to attend the show, we’d love to see you there.

To celebrate the awards we recorded a special podcast featuring nearly all our fellow nominees in the humour category. Josh from Success 5000, Mat from The One Word, Go! Show, Adam McGale from The Pub Radio and Ryan Byrne joined us for an evening around the ole’ word poll (sadly Chad Huculak from End of the Earth could not make it). We’ll be posting the episode on Wednesday.

And finally, the folks from the Northern Nerd Network stopped by a few weeks ago to interview us about the comic. It was really fun chatting with Daniel and Trina who are a super nice! You can see the interview below.