So we’ve spent the majority of this week fighting mold in our basement. Somewhere in our rental 4-plex is a crack in the foundation or some kind of pooling of water that, when there is an abundant rainfall, leaks into our basement bedroom.

Because Erin and I have tried to stuff two people’s worth of furniture and crap into one tiny bedroom it was difficult to try to dry out the carpet without moving everything out of the room. This week, however, it became apparent that is exactly what we needed to do as the carpet was clearly now molding.


So I’ve been shampooing the carpet like crazy and covering it in a thick layer of mold control solution all week. Finally, this morning, the musty smell disappeared and we appear to be on the cusp of moving back downstairs after sleeping in the living room all week.

So the lesson here, my dear friends, is when your carpet gets wet don’t delay in doing everything you can to dry it out. Treat it with urgency instead of laziness.

Dead-Beef: Matcock

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