It’s with a heavy heart today that Jeremy and I announce that the comic portion of Inglorious Hipsters is on indefinite hiatus. As you probably know the comic is a labour of love and we don’t make any money producing it, so when life happens it quickly gets shoved to the bottom of the priority list. Right now, Jeremy is at a point in his life where he needs to focus on himself and his family and we fully support his decision.

Perhaps some day down the road Jeremy and I will get back to making comics again, we have a lot more stories to tell and I feel like we were just getting to know Spencer, Brock and Pickle. But if we have drawn our last comic then we want to truly thank everyone who supported us and the comic. People like Jeff Samsonow, Sally Poulsen, Jay Runham, Colin MacIntyre, Adam Rozenhart, Chad Huculak and Kathleen Smith who were always incredibly supportive and helped our dumb little comic reach people across Alberta and Canada. We even developed some loyal fans in Edinburgh!

Most importantly we want to thank our friends and family for being supportive and pretending to laugh when the comic wasn’t funny (which was often). On a personal note I want thank my lovely girlfriend Erin who proof read nearly every comic and listened patiently to so many of my comic pitches.

So that was the bad news.

The good news is, as previously promised on Twitter, the 3rd season of Inglorious Hipsters: The Podcast will continue! For those of you who enjoyed our attempt at internet radio, Erin, Mark and I will continue recording once a month again at least until the new year. And of course we’ll be broadcasting October 25th on Twitch as we participate in Extra Life!

As for what 2015 holds for Inglorious Hipsters, we can’t really say for now. What I do know is that we’ll keep trying to find new ways to entertain you! In the elegant words of Bill Watterson…

It's a Magical World