UPDATE (Oct 24th):
Tomorrow is the big day! You can follow us live on twitch.tv/inglorioushipters, and of course we will be live Tweeting as much as we can all day. As always, we’d love for you to donate to our team. We’ve raised our goal to an ambitious $1200 since we kicked our previous goal’s ass already. See you at 8am tomorrow!

Hey Friends! On Saturday, October 25th the hosts of your favourite obscure, underground podcast will be stocking up on Red Bull and loading up their favourite video games to take part in Extra Life!

What makes us think a gang of aging nerds, with attention spans akin to goldfish, playing video games for 24 hours straight is a good idea? I don’t know. I’m usually out of gas by 11pm and that’s without assaulting my senses with simulated gunfire for 16 hours. For Erin I’m not even sure if this is medically advisable. Based on my observations she requires at least 20 hours of sleep (plus naps) on Saturdays to function.

But it’s all for a good cause as we join thousands of gamers raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. How cool is the Children’s Miracle Network? Well, here is Bo motherfuckin’ Duke doing a telethon for them in 1983!

Bo Duke

Are you ready to help us jump the General Lee over a charitable organization? Wait…is that good or bad? Whatever. The point is we need your help! We need you to pay us to play video games for 24 hours. No. Shit. This is probably why I’m not a sale representative anymore.

Anyway, you know the drill with events like Extra Life. You sponsor us and we do something silly in return! Follow this link and donate to a good cause. Then on October 25th tune in to listen/watch while we play video games all damn day! Whether you’re listening or watching kind of depends on what kind of set up we can pull together. We’re hoping to have a Twitch feed going. We’ll let you know.

See you October 25th. And remember to donate!