• May 26, 2024
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Best Games Created Based On Comic Books

The world of video games is full of adaptations of all kinds, from movies to television series, and comics are not free of it, some with outstanding deliveries featuring well-known characters. That’s why we present the 7 Best Arcade Video Games based on comics:

  1. Marvel Vs. Street Fighter (Capcom, 1997).
    Many prefer ‘Marvel vs. Capcom 2 ‘, but the game that deserves to be in this count is the one that started the change, and it’s just’ Marvel vs. Street Fighter. ‘
    This installment left behind the battles between X-Men and street fighters to add rivals to the game “Marvel Super Heroes,” which resulted in a great match in the little machines that made more than one fanboy cry.
    The rates became monumental, the ranks to be able to risk your currency were endless, and we met the most challenging final boss of the entire saga: Cyber Akuma. Impossible that it did not have a place among the best Arcades based on comics.
    The Japanese included Shuma Gorath because they like tentacles.Between 4 you spent more coins.
  2. X-Men (Capcom, 1992).
    Who lived the golden age of the arcade machines when he went for the tortillas and returned in two hours was this great game in the 90 titled ‘X-Men.’
    A beat them up starring the children of the atom before its change to blue and gold, based on an animated series that did not pass the pilot but in its alignment were the’ Giant-Size X-Men ‘Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler , Colossus, in addition to the always popular Dazzler and the reckless life leader Cyclops.
    This game gave us the possibility to choose our favorite hero, hit and hit, and use extraordinary power in times of crisis. A classic that everyone must play and that is available in the virtual stores of the latest generation consoles.
    Nightcrawler? Rather Attention Whore-later.As you do not get out of between Crossbones, the Capi gives you a shield.
  3. Captain America and The Avengers (Data East, 1991).
    Before the X-Men, we had the opportunity to play this great title that even came to home versions.
    Iron Man, The Vision, and Hawkeye accompanied the good Cap in this adventure in which you could play with up to four friends at once to destroy Red Skull’s plans.
    Classical villains as heads of each level and old-school side-scrolling that would soon end on anyone’s “Sunday.”
    Pixels united
    Is that Nick does not take off the cigar or to bathe.
  4. The Punisher (Capcom 1993).
    Frank Castle has not had great success on the big screen but enjoyed great fame thanks to the boom of violent characters in the late ’80s and early ’90s, to the extent that he starred in a video game.
    The main character was Punisher, but you could also play with his friend Nick Fury.
    The mission of these gunmen, if you decided to accept it, was to stop the plans of Gordius Kingpin and his ball of cholos mobsters, because there is nothing that threatens world peace and requires the interference of the best agent of SHIELD that a shot of cholos mafiosi. Oh, there is not.
    Nick “Politically Incorrect” Fury.
  5. Marvel Super Heroes (Capcom, 1995).
    Thanks, the crazy titan, is gathering the infinity gems (for a change), and it is our mission to stop him or take the flowers first and use them in our favor. This is the main plot of this fighting game.
    This wonder arrived at the slot machines thanks to the success of ‘X-Men: Children of the Atom,’ also from Capcom, but this time they did not limit us to playing with mutants, this time you could use Marvel flagship characters and some of their villains.
    Big bosses such as Dr. Doom and Thanos, plus you could use the infinity gems in battle, gave us many leisure afternoons … until our mom came for us. Thanos is a (titan) loquillo. They will escape from the dinosaurs, but if nobody takes the wheel of an accident, they will not be saved.
  6. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Capcom, 1992).
    If you do not recognize the comic on which this game is based maybe, you should read Xenozoic Tales and check it,
    The plot is simple, 500 years in the future the band known as Black Marketeers are hunting dinosaurs for uncertain purposes, which causes these cute little animals to become violent and attack villages and the general population, so our heroes must stop them.
    Similar to the Capcom games of the kicking genre (such as Final Fight), each character has different characteristics: Jack is the most balanced, Hannah is the Tecnica, Mustapha the Swift (which almost everyone preferred) and Mess the Force.
    Each scene gave us pure jewels: Dinosaurs, Cadillacs, weapons, fights, good bosses, and a right level of difficulty that you lost your pocket.
    Dinosaurs are there, but what about the Cadillacs?
  7. TMNT (Konami, 1989).
    Ninja Turtles were born in comics, which were world famous after the change they had on TV and movies is something else.
    Thanks to that Konami delivered this “little machine” where we could use our favorite amphibians to rescue April O’Neal and Master Splinter from the clutches of the Destroyer and Kang.
    Levels full of Foot Soldiers, robots, use of elements on stage, the classic villains Beebop and Rocksteady, and lots of pizza delighted us that last year of the 80s.
    Outstanding the opportunity to use up to 4 characters with differences between them: Leo, the classic style balanced in his attacks, Rafa and Mike short-range but fast, and Donatello with his slow bo but the full range. Classical among the classics.