Dead-Beef Friday: Faro

Dead-Beef Friday: Faro

Yesterday, while toiling away at my day job, I happened to look out the window overlooking our employee parking lot and saw this:

The Toyota Baked Potato is mine, the two jerks in the background are my former friends, Jordan and Mark, who consider themselves Lords of the Prank after successfully getting me twice in one day. The second prank awaited me back at my apartment. Here is a poorly stitched panorama showing off their handiwork:

That is 4000 Post-It notes covering the walls, floors and every piece of furniture in my room. To the right you might notice the fruit of Jordan’s artistic talents, a pink Post-It knob.

How did they get in my room, you ask? Sadly this was an inside job. Mark, my roommate, played the roll of Benedict Arnold giving house keys to Prankmaster General Jordan Karlson while the two of use were away at work. The lesson here is don’t trust anyone, especially your friends.

But enough about that, today is Dead-Beef Friday, and we have a new old comic for you! Today’s strip features the first appearance by the overbearing douchebag known as Faro. If it can be said Dead-Beef had a fan favourite character, Faro was definitely it. Enjoy him in all his absurdity, and we will see you Monday for an actual new comic.


Faro’s first appearance

Have a good weekend folks!

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