Smoke Break

Smoke Break

What do you get when you cross the sport of golf with excessive drinking? Well, for some we might just call that regular ol’ golf, but for a rag-tag group of 30-something’s this past weekend on Whyte Avenue it meant hopping from bar to bar chugging drinks like we were 21 in Las Vegas.

It’s called Pub Golf, and it’s an excellent way to get alcohol poisoning, if that is a goal you’ve set out to reach in life. The basic idea is that each pub you visit is a “hole” where you must guzzle a specified beverage in a set amount of drinks. A par 3, for instance, means you must finish your drink in at least three sips to “par” the hole. Chug your drink in one go and you earn an eagle! Most of us set out to eagle every hole, which meant we were all well drunk by the fourth hole.

Try it with your friends, I suggest calling your local hospital ahead of time to let them know you’ll be coming.

A couple weeks ago I asked if anyone had a good definition for a hipster we could use while explaining the theme of our comic, so thanks to Kelly for sending one in. According to Kelly, in her (his?) experience “it’s anyone who vehemently protests that they are not a hipster, should you happen to call them one.” Works for me, I’ve called people hipsters before who did not like it. If you feel you have a stronger definition leave us a message in the comments, or email us!

Welp! I’m off to Jasper for a little vacation, but I’ll be talking the old laptop with me so we will still see you again at the end of the week for Dead-Beef Friday.

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