Hipster Vegas Invasion

Hipster Vegas Invasion

Las Vegas, a city in the desert, surrounded by mountains and other gorgeous natural rock formations, yet the interior is oddly populated by piles and piles of fake rocks probably better suited as set props for Kirk, Spock and Bones to fight alien lizards on.

If you haven’t been to Vegas before the strip feels like one long, tacky amusement park. Actually, a better analogy for you Edmontonians would be West Edmonton Mall. Vegas is like walking around in WEM, it’s loud and crowded, and the walk ways are littered with fake lakes, cheesy statues and a big pirate ship.


H&M is slightly different in Vegas

H&M is one of my favourite places to shop for mainstream, homogenized hipster fashion, but here in Sin City, H&M has a slightly different look. The three level hipster Wal-Mart boasts rows of partying mannequins and plenty of giant gold disco balls. The soundtrack inside is top 40 instead of indie pop. Still, the store is well stocked in all the cardigans and prescriptionless glasses you need to pull off a full hipster look while staying in the desert.

Hipster Invasion

Myself, our buddy Jason and Jeremy making Vegas a little less mainstream

But what would Vegas be without a little gambling.


Alex showing off her “winnings”

Jeremy’s wife, Alexandra, made a B-line for the Sex in the City slot machines as soon as we walked into the Imperial Palace. Much to her surprise $10 doesn’t go very far in slots. But Alex is just a cog in Vegas machine, so easily taken in by the glitzy display of Carrie and the–hey, is that a Star Trek machine?

Star Trek: Battlestations

Red Alert! Klingons are beaming up all my money!

Star Trek: The Wrath of Odds

She’s on a lucky streak, Captain, but I don’t know how much longer she can take it!

Repeat Bet

Press this button, and only this button. Having fun yet?

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