The Weeping Felines

The Weeping Felines

A very wise man once said “all good things must come to an end.” I think it was Master Splinter…or maybe it was Zordon? Who ever said it I’m positive he was among the pantheon of my favourite childhood cartoon characters.

Oh! I remember, guys. It was Captain Planet! Whew, that would have bugged me all night.

the edmontonian will post its last set of headlines this week, which will put the local blog squarely in the category of good things ended, as oppose to bad things that won’t end,  like How I Met Your Mother.

Jeff and Sally are closing shop to dream bigger and betterer. While I don’t have any insider knowledge what their next project might be, I have a feeling it involve space flight! Someone has to take over for NASA, and Jeff and Sally are just the kind of cosmic opportunists to get the job done. I salute you Captain Samsonow and Lt. Commander Poulsen!

Some of you may know that I was a regular contributor to the edmontonian, you can seem my goodbye post here.

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