All Askew

All Askew

Prequels are tricky, just ask George Lucas. Part of the problem is creating tension when the audience essentially knows how the movie will end. I’m trying to think of successful prequel films, but the only movies that come to mind are shitburgers like Wolverine and X-Men: First Class.

But there is an actual decent prequel making its rounds in the theaters in the form of The Thing, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Mr. Echo. It didn’t blow my mind, but if you like the original John Carpenter film, it’s tough to not like this one, as they are virtually the same movie, only with a female Kurt Russell. Director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. (say that three times fast) doesn’t stray from the themes that made the original great while nicely tying the story to the original.

So, if you are looking for a film to watch during the run-up to Halloween, I thought I’d pass on this recommendation to you, the Inglorious Hipster faithful.

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