Dead-Beef Friday on Wednesday!

Dead-Beef Friday on Wednesday!

Only the keenest of Inglorious Hipsters observers would have noticed we did not post a Dead-Beef comic last week. Since we don’t actually have any keen observers, nobody noticed. Success!

The Movember show this weekend has been keeping me busy and somehow this comic was left unpublished.

I think we’ve all met the girl (or perhaps guy) in this strip before. The keener, the person who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “relaxation” or understand the concept of “not doing stuff.” They are going to yoga class, runing marathons, participating in countless charity events yet still finding time go cliff diving in Peru.

I think we can all agree that this person is annoying, they make us feel bad about ourselves because we haven’t been to Peru, nor are we running marathons. Instead we sit on the couch eating Kraft Singles while reading

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