Dead-Beef Friday: Bus to Calgary

Dead-Beef Friday: Bus to Calgary

It’s Oscar weekend! The pageantry, the dresses, the purchased awards – I love it too much to even watch it!

However, if you’re the sort of movie junkie who prefers his or her Hollywood gossip hooked up intravenously, head on over to The Unknown Studio where friends of the comic Jay Runham & Jordan Blackburn of the Jay n’ J Postcast talk Academy Awards with Mr. Adam Rozenhart & Scott C. Bourgeois.

I had the pleasure of being on the last year’s Oscar show, which was a lot of fun. I was guesting along with a women who’s name I don’t recall, but I do remember her claiming to be a celebrity herself. I could never quite determine whether she was being ironic or sincere. I assumed ironic, because she worked in local radio. If Yukon Jack is considered a celebrity, I’ll eat my hipstery newsboy hat.

Anyway, here’s today’s Dead-Beef comic!

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