Dead-Beef Friday: DDR

Dead-Beef Friday: DDR

This weekend we plan to go see Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Thor, Bella and Æon Flux. You’re probably thinking “wasn’t there already a Snow White film this year?” There sure was and the evil queen was played by a giant gaping mouth instead of a 70 foot tall woman.

I really thought this version of Snow White was going to be good, the trailer got me hyped for a dark version of the old fable. But the movie’s lukewarm reception by critics has dampened my enthusiasm somewhat. Maybe that’s a good thing, it’s much easier to enjoy a movie when your expectations are low.

I’ve said before that after Avengers there’s been a black hole for summer blockbusters. Do we have to wait until The Dark Knight Rises for something to get excited about? Anyone got any recommendations for what I should be watching until then?

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