Pickle Picks a Pet / 1 Year Hipsterversary Podcast!

Pickle Picks a Pet / 1 Year Hipsterversary Podcast!

The wait is over! Inglorious Hipstermaniacs the world over have been furiously hitting refresh on our homepage for weeks eagerly anticipating the release of our 1 Year Hipsterversary Podcast, and now that day has finally come. Families will huddled around their computers with hot cocoa and share this special day with those they love most. Move over Jesus, there’s a new Christmas in town…and that town is called…uh…Awesome Podcast…ville?

We had a great time recording this podcast, which is essentially 80 minutes of nonsense. I want to extend a huge thank you to Jay Runham and Adam Rozenhart who made time during the Canada Day long weekend to do our podcast, we really appreciate it guys, thanks! Also, big thanks to Mark Jowett and Erin Bourne for lending their voices to the podcast.

Thanks for reading our little comic, I’m super excited to get started on the next season of Inglorious Hipsters in September. Have a great summer everyone, and enjoy the podcast!

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