Two Kinds of People…

Two Kinds of People…

I’ve discovered a new and awesome way to work on Inglorious Hipsters comics, parking myself on the couch, colouring while watching Damages.

I basically watched the back half of season 2 while working on the comic Sunday afternoon, it was a glorious way to be lazy whilst also being productive. I call it being “productazy.” This is thanks in no small part to my brand new spiffy Apple laptop that has all the horses under the hood I need to pull this comic chariot.

Can we all stop for a moment to appreciate that fucking ballin’ metaphor.

I suppose it’s odd to be praising an Apple product when last week I was decrying one, but hey, I’m fickle like that. One week I’ll hate carrots and the next week…well, I’ll still hate carrots, but I might not complain that they’re in my soup.

Thanks to everyone who’s been on twitter talking about our comic. You’re a very small, loyal group, but we love seeing retweets and your comments.

See you later this week for another edition of Top Culture!

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