Humble Bragging, eh?

Humble Bragging, eh?

If you’re a part of the Edmonton Twittersphere (I just punched myself in the nads for using the word “Twittersphere”) you’ve likely witnessed friends of the comic Adam Rozenhart and Jay Runham each listing all the awesome things they’ve been doing over the last couple busy months for the local content producers. They’ve been in short films, interviewed big name directors and named a couple of the best in Edmonton podcasting.

Then I got to thinking, who do these jerks think they are? They want to play the humble bragging game, eh? Well, three can play at that game, because we’ve been really busy here at Inglorious Hipsters too, with all kinds of…uh…really interesting things!

“Like what?” you ask. Well, I will tell you…right now. Yep, there’s so many awesome things we’ve been doing…like…way more awesome things than Adam or Jay…

…I bought some cord keepers…now my desk is, you know, nice and clean from USB and power cables. Pretty awesome, right? I bet Adam and Jay’s desks are just full of cords…losers…

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