A Pretty Tight Ship

A Pretty Tight Ship

Just quickly I’d like to point out something in this strip to give you all an idea why Jeremy draws the comic and I do not. See those blobs of poor perspective behind Spencer’s dad in the first panel? See that shittily drawn taxi cab or truck or whatever the fuck that is? That, my friends, is my handy work and a key reason why I just add colour to the comics. That I can do. But the real artistic talent is in Jeremy’s hands.

As further proof, when I wrote “Darth Invader“, the comic where Brock sneaks up on Spencer with a knife, Jeremy asked me to block it for him. The following is what I sent him:

Yup, I drew a TV with bunny ears on it.

Frankly, I’m shocked Jeremy was able to decode this. I apologize if my poor drawings made you sad.

A little bit of Inglorious Hipster news to pass along, episode 2 of Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast will be out next week. Also, in case you missed it Friday, we’re giving away a $50 Movember donation to the Inglorious Hipster reader with the best moustache! If you’re doing Movember this year, click here to find out how to win an extra fifty bucks for your team.

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