Call of Duty

Call of Duty

Finally! Here is your new comic. Again, sorry about it being late, though I’m sure somehow you all survived…accept for Jeff, who hung himself in the bathroom when he couldn’t get his weekly Inglorious Hipsters. God speed Mr. Samsonow, we’ll never know as dedicated a fan as he.

Jeff did leave me the contents of his wallet in his will, though, so it looks like his little “accident” is about to pay off. Why is “accident” in quotes? You ask too many nosy questions. Maybe you’ll be the next to have an “accident.”

Anyway, lets see what we got in this juicy wallet here…five dollars?! SAMSOOOOONOOOOOW!!!

Moving on. Hey, remember that thing I said we were going to do with Movember, give away $50 and all? Well today’s that day! The winner is our buddy Jordan Karlson, who was the only person to send us a photo. Congrats to Jordan and the Sons of Mustachery for winning the $50 donation. Of course the real winner is cancer………………research. Cancer research.

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