Hipster Santa Claus

Hipster Santa Claus

And we’re done for 2012!

Yes, sadly this is the last Inglorious Hipsters comic for the year, but we’ll be back soon enough sometime in January.

It’s been a good year for the comic and I’d like to thank everyone for reading. Every time someone tells me they read our stuff it kind of breaks my brain a little bit. In a good way. A soft, warm gooey way.

Guys, I was watching Sliders today while coloring the comic. That show is surprisingly still watchable for a crappy 90s sci-fi. And Jerry O’Connell is a sexy beast, am I right? Remember Jerry Maguire? “You had me at hello.” Right? He didn’t say that, but he was in it. Briefly.

Anyway, the good news is today isn’t our last post of the year because Thursday we will be uploading episode three of Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast with special guest Jay Runham. We had a great time talking about Spider-man, The Hobbit and Ferengi sex!

See you then!

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