Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast: Oomax!

Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast: Oomax!

Hope you’ve safely wrapped your head in tinfoil to protect yourself from the lizard people who will travel to Earth to inflict a pole-shifting, planet-aligning apocalypse upon us December 21st. I’ve been wearing mine for months and, frankly, I’ve never look cooler.

But before you head down into that cellar you’ve been hoarding survival supplies in, we have a podcast for you to listen to!

Yes, this month Jay Runham from Jay n’ J’s Entertainment Podcast stops by to talk all things nerd. The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer had just come out the day we recorded, so there is much Trekkieness in this episode…more so than usual. We also talk about Spider-man vs. Batman, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Ninja Turtles and more. There is also the obligatory shot a Michael Bay!

Today is our last post of the year, so from everyone here at Inglorious Hipsters, have a happy holiday and best of luck in the new year.

See you on the other side of the apocalypse!

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