NOTICE TO READER: Unscheduled Hiatus

One of the disadvantages for most of us small-time web comics is that comics are a labour of love we work on in our spare time. So when life happens the comic instantly comes off the priority list.

The bad news is, dear reader, Inglorious Hipsters will be taking an unscheduled hiatus. While we can’t tell you exactly when we’ll be back, we hope it will be very soon.

The good news is that, while we won’t be publishing new comics, we will still be posting our other regularly scheduled content. The podcast will be up February 14th as promised and, of course, Dead-Beef will continue to be re-published every Friday.

If any of you go-getter fans are artistically inclined, we would happily welcome guest comics while we’re on hiatus.

Thanks for your patience, see you soon.

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