For Your Consideration

For Your Consideration

And we’re back!

It’s funny, when our hiatus ended I took to the social media networks to announce there would be a new comic this week, but I didn’t post anything here on the website. I suppose that says something about how the internet has changed. When I wanted to reach out to our fans my first instinct was to go straight to Twitter and Facebook, not to post something right here. It was an error, but an interesting one.

Speaking of social media, today’s comic is all about that little Yeggie nomination we got. It’s true, by the way, that we were asked to draw a comic as a plea to the Yeggie selection panel. Award show organizer and former Inglorious Hispters the Podcast guest Brittany LeBlanc herself made the request. She was joking, of course, but we ran with it anyhow.

And speaking of Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast (I’m full of segues today), we have another episode coming this Thursday, so keep your browsers tuned in to!

Lastly, I apologize if you are not from Edmonton and don’t get a lot out of this comic. Spencer, Brock and Pickle will be back next week!

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