Manny Pack

Manny Pack

Hey, Inglorious faithful! How was your weekend? Yeah? No kidding. Well, I’ve never heard of a lemon party before, you’ll have to teach me how to throw one.

Erin and I saw Iron Man 3 this weekend, which officially kicked off summer blockbuster season. Robert Downie Jr. is in fine form, and Gwyneth Paltrow actually gets to do some pretty cool things. The movie could have used a bit more Iron Man and a bit less Tony Stark, but that was about my only minor beef. Next up, Star Trek Into Darkness this Thursday, I already have my tickets like a good little nerd.

Also on the docket this week: recording a new podcast. Adam Rozenhart joins us this month to give us a post-mortem on the Yeggies! Hopefully we’ll have the podcast edited and ready for your ears by Thursday morning.

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