Out Clubbing

Out Clubbing

I’m in the middle of watching quite possibly the worst episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Odo is getting love advice from a hologram Frank Sinatra or something. It’s difficult to stomach even as background noise.

But aside from watching terrible DS9 episodes it’s been a very busy weekend. Jeremy and his wife hosted a house warming for their beautiful new home. We drank wine, ate sour cream apple pie and listened to the little ones tattle on one another in five minute intervals.

Erin and I also had the pleasure of meeting the ladies from I Dig Your Girlfriend this weekend at an arts event. We unfortunately only chatted briefly but they are an incredibly friendly bunch and they snapped a nice photo of us. I’m officially a “Lesbro”.

90% of Lebros have awful thinning hair. That’s a true fact I just made up.

If you haven’t heard of I Dig Your Girlfriend definitely go check out their amazing queer positive website!

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