Floatation Device

Floatation Device

Like my new plant? Really brings out the beauty in those HDMI cords behind it, right?

Twice a year the Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair shows off some of Edmonton’s most talented, unique crafters. Two times a year is not often enough for me, I’d like to see this festival go 3 or 4 times. Every artist I’ve talked to at the fair over the years has been so ridiculously friendly, which is good cause I always have dumb questions about how they produce their art. It is a great place to find something unique to decorate your house, as you can see by the skull succulent above.

I don’t like that it’s called a “craft fair” though. To me a “craft” is something I made out of macaroni, glue and sparkles when I was five. I also have a hard time saying “craft” without feeling like I’m talking about something made of pipe cleaners. Can we call it something more badass? How about the Royal Bison Art Stampede? I donno, I’m no good at naming things. You should see how long it takes me to come up with titles for the comics, it’s embarrassing.

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