Inglorious Hipsters Begins

Inglorious Hipsters Begins

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year while writing Inglorious Hipsters it’s that long arcs are hard. Really hard.

I’ve had a rough outline for the “Spencer loses his record store” story worked out since last summer. The broad strokes are easy, the devil is in the details, particularly in a comic strip format. Every three panels (give or take) needs a set up and payoff, which made moving the chess pieces while also being funny challenging over the long term.

The other problem was that this story was largely my baby, meaning Jeremy didn’t get to write a whole lot this season. I felt pretty bad about that. For next season I suspect we’ll keep the arcs nice and short and share the writing duties more evenly.

One thing I am pleased about is having Spencer, Brock and Pickle all living and working together for next season. Today’s finale is kind of like a reboot of sorts (hence the title of this post), we’re set up nicely for plenty of comedic opportunities when we return.

And so ends season 3 of Inglorious Hipsters. As always, thanks so much for reading or dumb little comic. We’ll be posting Dead-Beef comics all summer, and if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook we’ll be posting a Summer Rewind of this past season’s comics.

Enjoy the summer, Edmonton, we’ll see you again soon!

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