It was a blazin’ hot weekend in Edmonton, when I wasn’t colouring this comic I was outside enjoying the sun. Mowing the lawn, walking the dog, BBQing, going for iced cream…you know, summer stuff.

Trouble is, as much as we love the sun, the sun doesn’t really love us back, does it? The sun described how much it didn’t care for me with a brilliant, crimson red sunburn along my forearms, nose and neck. I look forward to trying to sleep tonight while my sheets feel like sand paper against my skin.

I have doused myself in heavily aloe, which is the way you deal with a sunburn when you’re too stupid to apply sunscreen before you go outside. But hey, instead of feeling like my skin is being flayed by a potato peeler, now I just feel really sticky. That’s an upgrade in my books.

Anyway, enjoy the new comic, see you again soon!

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