The Returned

The Returned

Jeremy sure loves that damn raccoon.

I tried to have had this published before I shipped off on my honeymoon, but I stress out when it comes to travel, and I just ran out of time. Making sure I have everything becomes somewhat obsessive for me, I’m constantly concerned about leaving something important behind like my passport or boarding pass. I tend to check and recheck my bags not only before I leave, but all throughout the trip.

Erin and I spent the last two weeks in Italy, and each time we moved from one city to the next I was a ball of stress checking the closets and under the bed of our B&B’s to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind. God forbid we forget the Pert Plus. How will I be able to enjoy the Italian coast when I’ve got a case of dandruff?

Italy was amazing though, my obsessive behaviour notwithstanding. If you love paintings featuring Jesus and or the Virgin Mary I highly recommend you go. We spent a great deal of time in galleries (I absolutely loved seeing Michelangelo’s David in person) but also a lot of time eating and drinking wine in a country that really values relaxation and socializing. Chatting over a bottle of candlelit wine will be my fondest memory of the trip.

Still we’re happy to be back home in Canada, where we know the language and the only Jesus art is on the back of some nutter’s Ford Escape.

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