• May 30, 2024
  • Last Update September 9, 2022 8:36 am

The Artisans

Jeremy Die

When Mr. Die wakes up each and every morning there is one thing first and foremost on his mind, taking a whiz. The next thing on his mind is drawing comics. They are his breakfast, lunch and dinner; his cold drink on a hot day; and his early morning quicky. In short, his only thought is to entertain you, the members of the “information super-highway.” Do people say that anymore? Sounds like something we said back when Sandra Bullock was starring in “The Net” and winning way less Oscars.

If you want to learn more about Sandra Bullock send your emails to jeremy@inglorioushipsters.com.

Gregg Beever

Growing up things never quite seemed to go Gregg’s way. He was constantly waking up late, getting in trouble with the principal, and his parents wouldn’t let him take the car for a weekend with his beautiful girlfriend. Things turned for the worst when Gregg’s eccentric, frizzy gray-haired, scientific genius of a friend was killed by Libyans over a crate of plutonium the scientist stole to power his time machine. Gregg escaped the murderous Libyans in the time machine, only to find himself trapped way back in 1955!

As you can well imagine Gregg nearly prevented his parents from ever dating thus nearly negating his own existence! It sure was a pickle. Thankfully everything worked out, and Gregg is now working diligently to bring you hilarious comics each and every week.