• April 22, 2024
  • Last Update September 9, 2022 8:36 am

Microphones & Moustaches

Edmonton, I know you’ve fantasized about stepping up on stage, looking out at the cheering crowd just beyond the lights eagerly anticipating your voice to hit the amplifiers. What if, for one night, you were the rock star, the comedian, the poet, or the whatever Tom Green is. What if you were the star and what if you were doing it all to raise money for cancer research?

We are extremely excited to announce Microphones & Moustaches: The Movember Open Mic Challenge! Join us Sunday, Novemeber 27th, 4pm – 9pm, at the Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus on Whyte Avenue for an interactive evening of music, fascinating stories, harrowing tales, and hairy faces. Step up to the microphone and busk for Movember donations, or dare your friends to embarrass themselves on stage for charity!

So groom that moustache and get ready to kick cancer in the face with your fellow Edmontonians and their hidden talents!



Microphones & Moustaches is an open mic event that will work in much the same way as a karaoke bar. To participate in the Open Mic Challenge, each table at the Wunderbar will have slips for you to fill out and hand in to our event host.

There are two ways to get involved in the fun:

    1. Challenge the Audience – If you have a talent you would like to share – perhaps you can re-enact Spaceballs: The Movie from memory* or play “Hot Cross Buns” on recorder (you’ll have to bring your own recorder, though, sadly we threw ours out when 4th grade music class ended) – simply fill out a Challenge the Audienceslip. Here is an example of the slip:

      I [YOUR NAME] will perform [TYPE OF PERFORMANCE] for a Movember donation of [DOLLAR AMOUNT]When your name is selected we ask the audience who is willing to make a donation to see you get up on stage. Once the audience pays to see you perform you take to the microphone, no backsies!

  1. Challenge a Friend – Perhaps you have a friend who has a special talent, like jamming 8 quarters in one nostril, or perhaps you’d just like to publicly humiliate your buddy. Grab a Challenge a Friendslip and put your former friend on the spot! Here is what the slip will look like:

    I [YOUR NAME] challenge [YOUR FRIEND’S NAME] to perform [TYPE OF PERFORMANCE] for a Movember donation of [DOLLAR AMOUNT]We will then challenge your friend to get up on stage. If they are reluctant to meet the challenge, we turn to the audience and ask for more donation dollars too sweeten the pot until your friend finally gives in to peer pressure!

Want to get up on stage and be the centre of attention but unsure what to do? Not to worry! We’ll have booklets of suggestions available to help you decide how best to grab the spotlight!



What would a fundraiser be without prizes? We will be giving away some great prizes generously donated by our sponsors for the night’s best performances. There will also be, of course, a Movember Moustache Contest, so warm up that moustache wax, fellas! Prizes include razors, headphones, a bar stool (seriously), gift certificates and more!